My mentor has always told me not to compromise a spirit just because it’s in a cocktail. The object is not to mask the flavors but to be a master of the craft you are able to understand the integrity of the spirit and to bring those flavors forward. This blog is dedicated to just that; simple cocktails, only using three or four ingredience, specifically picked to push forward every individual taste each spirit has. In a sense less is more, sophistication lies in simply elevating your senses based on what each spirit has to offer.

Hope you enjoy the posts,





2 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoyed all the visuals and recipes for some very delicious drinks to fix for family and friends.
    This will be a great blog to check on during all kinds of holiday events year round.
    Love to know more about you and how you aquired such a unique understanding if mixing drinks and condiments. A picture would be great too, like getting to know the talented woman powering this great blog
    Keep up the great work.
    A fan in the Northwest.

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