Old Fashioned in a Clementine

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I love to cook, eat, drink and be surrounded by loved ones. Lately I have been hosting a lot of dinner parties. When I have friends over its nice to offer an ‘amuse-bouche’; something small, delicious, with a hint of spice to open up everyone’s senses. I like to choose a trusted classic cocktail so there are no surprises. How to make an Old Fashioned is no mystery and my friends always enjoy a good one. I decided to put a twist on the presentation to breathe some new life into a faithful recipe.

To make the clementine cups, I used a serrated grape fruit knife to cut a hole in the top of each clementine. I then took the grapefruit knife and used it around the edges inside to pull out the pulp. I used my favorite whisky, George Dickel No. 8 as the base spirit for these Old Fashioned’s. I poured each little clementine cup 3/4 full of an Old Fashioned and garnished with a brandied cherry. Everyone came in with a smile and left with a content yawn. Just the way I like it.